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The EPA has recognized Karpman Consulting as a Multifamily High Rise Review Organization (MRO), to provide independent, third-party review and oversight of ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise (MFHR) program submittals. Our staff has an expert knowledge of ASHRAE Standard 90.1, and has provided design support, and energy modeling for many commercial and multifamily projects, including four that achieved LEED Platinum certification. We performed submittal reviews on numerous projects participating in various efficiency programs. Our participation in developing simulation guidelines and reporting templates for programs such as ENERGY STAR MFHR and LEED, combined with work on actual buildings enrolled in these programs, gives us unique experience in the field.

Please contact us for more information on the certification process, fees and available discounts after taking our in-person or live-webinar energy modeling training coming up on February 7-8th, 2018 in NYC. We also offer technical support for ENERGY STAR MFHR projects through an Enhanced Review option (as well as technical support for other modeling projects such as ASHRAE 90.1 compliance modeling for LEED.)

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Upcoming Trainings offered by Karpman Consulting

Modeling 203 ASHRAE 90.1 2013+ Modeling for LEED v4, ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise, and Code Compliance:This sixteen hour (2 day) hands-on training develops the technical skills necessary for modeling multifamily buildings in eQUEST following requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Appendix G, as adopted by the EPA's ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise Program and various other programs for green buildings. Over the course of the training, attendees develop eQUEST baseline and proposed design models for a mixed use multifamily building. The training also covers efficient workflow, productivity tips, and quality control.

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