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Karpman Consulting designed, implemented, maintains, and administers the database for New Jersey Clean Energy Commercial and Industrial incentive programs (NJCEP). Upwards of 25 case managers from across the country utilize the database each day, adding to the over 12,000 projects and $50 million paid incentives currently catalogued.

From the receipt of a project application to the reporting of results to New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, the database plays an integral part in the administration of the program. Primary features include:

As NJCEP has added programs, the database has evolved to meet its requirements. Users can now track and invoice for 12 distinct program types, each with different incentive structures and program requirements. As aid from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act starts to flow into the energy efficiency sector, new database features allow NJCEP to meet the strict reporting requirements imposed by the federal government. It now has the capability to track the funding source of each incentive and estimate the number of jobs created by stimulus funds. As the NJ Clean Energy program continues to grow, Karpman Consulting expands and customizes the database to adapt to its ever-changing needs.

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