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Modeling 101: Energy Modeling for Code Compliance, High Performance Buildings, and Building Retrofits

Modeling 202: eQUEST Energy Modeling for New Construction

Modeling 203: ASHRAE 90.1 2013+ Modeling for LEED v4, Energy Star Multifamily High Rise, and Code Compliance

Modeling 301: Intermediate HVAC Modeling in eQUEST

Modeling 302: Water-Side HVAC and High Performance Systems in eQUEST

Modeling 310: Modeling in 90.1 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2013 as adopted by ECCC NYS

All classes offered by Karpman Consulting are also available as in-house, private trainings. Train your staff from the convenience of your own office, without the need for travel!

Training Attendee Testimonials

"Two of SWA's modelers attended last week's advanced modeling training here in NYC. They both walked away with valuable knowledge that they will put to use immediately. Thanks for hosting these events - we look forward to more in the future!"

– Paula M. Zimin, AIA, Director, Simulation Services, Steven Winter Associates

“Thank you for a great Training! The training was very informative. I would think that you should develop day 3 and 4 courses, since there is much more cover!”

– Alec Strongin PE, CEM, LEED® AP, Synergy Engineering

“I am pleased to report that the attendees in the two-day seminar gave you very good scores. The majority were in the 4 or 5 [range], out of a high of 5. Clearly, they were satisfied with the material and presentation. Thanks again and we look forward to the next one. ”

– Robert Morgenstern, Director - NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate

“Maria really gave a good introduction to eQUEST and modeling for New Construction in general. She broke down the 90.1 standards and how to use it for creating models. I would highly recommend this training. I think it is the type of training that you could go to a couple times and gain knowledge every time."

– Don Kasper, Energy Engineer, Taitem Engineering

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. In my position at Mass DOER, I am a reviewer for compliance with the Mass Greenhouse Gas Reduction Policy and Protocol of building projects submitted to the Mass EPA (MEPA) office.”

– John Ballam, Energy Engineer, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources

"The training was absolutely fantastic. I really feel like I learned a lot. I had a very long list of questions prepared ahead of time, and the presentation and exercises had all but one covered without me even asking!"

– Gayathri Vijayakumar, LEED AP, Steven Winter Associates

“Maria did a great job of teaching practical information and making some really difficult stuff fairly easy to digest; plus she gave out a useful handout that I can use as a reference in the future. If any of you get the chance I highly recommend going to one of these trainings. I can't imagine trying to take on a tool like eQUEST without an introduction from someone like Maria.”

– James Hauswirth, Taitem Engineering

The most important part, for me, was hearing the most efficient way to use eQuest. Even in the wizard, the amount of data you can enter is daunting. Knowing which screens to do there and which to do in detailed mode is critical.

– Kathryn Reinecke, Alpine Green Solutions

This training proved extremely beneficial to my daily job and I reference the handouts from this class on a regular basis. Maria does a great job in covering a vast amount of information in this two-day class. I highly recommend this class to anyone performing building simulations for LEED or other ASHRAE based programs. It is invaluable. My only remaining questions are when are you going to develop intermediate and advanced level classes, and how can I sign up?”

– Shelley Beaulieu, LEED AP, TRC Energy Services

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