Are you looking for a Lunch and Learn presentation for your architectural firm? Are you looking to increase the energy awareness of your designers? Have you heard of Architecture 2030 and the AIA+2030 Commitment but don't quite know where to start? This is an excellent learning opportunity for you and your team!

We provide 1-hour long Lunch and Learn presentations that are specifically geared towards architects and serve as a starting point for them to better understand energy consumption in their buildings. In these presentations, which are approved by the AIA for 1 LU/HSW, you'll be introduced to the basics of energy modeling and how it can help shape a better, more sustainable future. The Learning Objectives of these presentations are:

  • Explain basic metrics of measuring energy use in buildings, and illustrate the basic idea of energy efficiency

  • Illustrate the importance of energy modeling to the profession of architecture

  • Explain the meaning of “model” and “energy modeling”

  • Describe the process of developing building energy simulations, key inputs and outputs

  • Present case studies illustrating the different applications of energy modeling and the type of results that could be expected

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