The Standard Review includes a summary of all review comments which detail the areas where the concern lies. The Enhanced Review option includes energy modeling support throughout the review process for ENERGY STAR MFHR. This energy modeling support could include details of how energy modeling concerts can be fixed, as well as webinars or calls to go over these concerns and their remedies.

Karpman Consulting also provides discounts based on our MRO Review Services. We offer a 10% discount for submittal reviews of Performance Path projects completed by a modeler who has completed a Karpman Consulting energy modeling training, or a 10% discount on our energy modeling trainings for companies that select Karpman Consulting as their ENERGY STAR MFHR MRO.

We ensure quick turn around times for our reviews (20 business days or less), as well as communications with the review teams to discuss any comments we have made in our reviews.  

Please contact us for more information about our services.