Karpman Consulting is a woman-owned engineering firm. Since its founding in 2005, our focus has been to promote energy efficiency in buildings by providing research, training, technical assistance, and consulting to public and private sector clients. We have a unique blend of engineering, software, and policy experience. We worked on the simulation tool development, authored simulation guidelines for large scale modeling-based incentive programs and national programs such as EPA Energy Star, and reviewed modeling-based submittals for hundreds of new and existing building projects. Our engineers have used energy modeling to inform system retrofits and new designs on numerous projects. We are passionate about our work and pride ourselves on approaching each project with dedication and creativity, striving to understand and fulfill the needs of every client. Below are the highlights of our experience.

Karpman Consulting is recognized by the EPA as an ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise Program Review Organization (MRO), entrusted to provide the review and approval of project submissions on behalf of the EPA.

We have delivered public and in-house energy modeling and energy code trainings, ranging from beginner to advanced, that were attended by several thousands of engineers, architects and other building industry professionals.

Our engineers have performed energy modeling to inform design, for LEED, incentive programs, and in support of energy audits on numerous projects including four that received LEED Platinum certification.

Karpman Consulting is an approved provider for the following programs:

We led development of the technical policies for whole building incentive programs such as NYSERDA New Construction Program (NCP), the New Jersey Pay for Performance Program (P4P), and the Energize CT Whole Building Performance Program and reviewed hundreds of modeling-based submittals. Some of the documents that we developed for the incentive programs were adopted by the national programs including EPA ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise program and LEED NC v4. 

We contribute to the energy code development on the state and national level through staff participation on the ASHRAE Standard 90.1 committee, the New York Stretch Energy 2018 development team and advisory groups and the New York City Energy Conservation Code advisory committee among others. 

Examples of our research projects include “ASHRAE Standard 90.1 Performance Rating Method, PHIUS+, and PHI Comparative Evaluation Study” (funded by NYSERDA), “Feasibility Study to Investigate Translational Capacity of the Selected Whole Building Rating Systems” (funded by NYSERDA) and “Improving the Accuracy of Building Energy Modeling” (funded by NEMA).